About Us

Welcome to CastYourDice.com. We are a team of gamers who've been rolling dice and taking lives for the past 17 years. Magic the Gathering is our poison of choice, but we welcome gamers of all persuasions. Admittedly, MtG does not have the kind of dice action that we typically enjoy, but our metal dies still turn heads when we have the chance to employ them in a duel. We're happy to serve the gaming community. Be sure to let us know what others are saying when dropping some of our dice on the table!

Why Cast Your Dice?

Everyone has seen the the resin based dice. I remember when they first came out and all of the various marble finishes were what everyone wanted, but times have changed. Those dice are now the norm, and kind of boring. Once you feel the weight of metal dice and the shine, you'll never go back to resin dice.

Keep in contact with us

We're always trying to improve and are open to your suggestions. If you have any questions or ideas, please contact us.

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